Agency Mission

We, the employees of the Travelers Rest Police Department, pledge to aggressively and assiduously protect the lives, property, and constitutional rights of all who visit or reside in Travelers Rest. We endeavor to reduce the incidence and fear of crime and to enhance public safety within our diverse community, helping citizens improve their quality of life in an impartial, ethical, and professional manner.

Our long-term strategies and short-term actions are molded by the following set of core values: virtue, honor, initiative, unity, trust, integrity, responsibility, courtesy, patience, self-control, and respect.

We endeavor to provide a swift, efficient, and effective response to crime by forging partnerships with other members of our community and seeking innovative solutions. We believe that promoting trust and understanding of criminal justice processes leads to greater citizen participation and higher quality law enforcement services. We acknowledge that we are most effective when we recognize that crime is a community problem, and we strive to be responsive to our community’s concerns.

To that end, we communicate openly and honestly among ourselves and with our community, understanding the importance of their values and expectations. Believing that integrity is the basis of trust, we hold ourselves accountable to the citizens we serve and to each other. We obey the laws that we enforce and we pledge to investigate any and all complaints made against our employees. We acknowledge our mistakes and are open to constructive criticism. We strive to understand those who disagree with us.

We believe that by fostering a spirit of cooperation we will become better at both preventing and solving crime, enhancing our abilities to provide a win-win situation for everyone, thereby promoting growth in our city and maintaining an atmosphere in which business can prosper.

Overall, we acknowledge it is our sworn duty to never waiver and to always stand strong through adversity, with respect, concern, and empathy for the constituencies we serve.