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On July 03, 1999 Brooke Leigh Henson had a few friends over for a party on Henderson Drive in Travelers Rest. As her friends began to leave the party, Brooke went outside and waited on the front porch for her parents to come home.

Brooke's parents arrived around 2:00 am on July 4th. Brooke told them she and her boyfriend had been arguing and she told her mother, "I'm getting out of here". Brooke also told her mother that she wasn't really going anywhere, but was only trying to get the attention of her boyfriend. Brooke then left walking in an unknown direction. Brooke disappeared between the hours of 2:30 and 2:43 am on July 04, 1999.


After several years of comparing and investigating numerous leads and formulating likely theories, the case took an unexpected turn in our favor. In June of 2006, TRPD's investigator received information from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division that a woman in New York had attended Columbia University for two years under the identity of Brooke Henson. This woman, whose real name is Esther Reed, claimed to be the same Brooke Henson who has been missing from Travelers Rest since 1999. Reed failed to show up for an appointment to submit DNA that would have either confirmed or refuted her claim, fled the state, and was ultimately arrested in 2008 in Chicago. This aspect of the Henson case brought renewed attention to Brooke's disappearance, reinvigorating the case with new leads and assistance from national media such as CNN, America's Most Wanted, 48 Hours, and even the Montel Williams show.

Detective Tim Kelley can be reached at 864-834-9029, or you can email with information.



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