Local businesses refuse to sell alcohol to minors.

We would like to express public gratitude to several local retailers for their efforts in reducing underage drinking in Travelers Rest.

As a member agency of the Greenville County Alcohol Enforcement Team, Officer Jennifer Stuber sent an undercover operative into several retail establishments on June 5, 2017 to attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages.  To sell to this person would have been a violation of law as this person is underage.   We are happy to report that six businesses out of six checked the operative’s ID and refused to complete the sale.  Those businesses are Walmart, CVS, Wills #2, Spinx, Bi-Lo, and Mojo's.

On the same day, another operative attempted to purchase tobacco products and was denied the sale at six businesses out of six.  These businesses are Rite Aid,  Murphy USA, Rest Stop, Walgreens, Walmart, and Dollar General.

Please congratulate these businesses in their diligence in ensuring that our youth do not have easy access to alcohol and/or tobacco in Travelers Rest.