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In the 1800´s enterprising inn owners in Travelers Rest provided livestock pens for the drovers who stayed at their inns.



From the City of Travelers Rest's Web site: http://www.travelersrestsc.com

Where does Travelers Rest get its unique name?

Travelers Rest sprouted from a stopover point for weary travelers in the early 1800's. On occasion, it was even necessary to stay in Travelers Rest for weeks or months to wait out the mountain winters before moving on.

I've heard of "drovers." Who exactly were they and what did they have to do with Travelers Rest?
Drovers were livestock herders, mostly from Tennessee and Kentucky, who herded pigs, turkeys, and other livestock down mountain trails towards the South Carolina low country. Enterprising inn owners provided livestock pens for the drovers who stayed at their inns. The Police Department uniform shoulder patch features a covered wagon traversing a mountain pass to commemorate the city's colorful beginning.

How close is Travelers Rest to major cities I would recognize?
Travelers Rest is two hours from Charlotte, three and one-half hours from Charleston, three hours from Atlanta, one hour from Asheville, and five hours from Myrtle Beach.

What's the weather like in Travelers Rest?
The average daily high is 71 degrees and the average low is 51.

What form of government serves Travelers Rest?
A publicly elected mayor and eight city council members govern Travelers Rest. The city employs a full-time city administrator, administrative staff, and a fire chief and police chief with fully staffed, 24-hour departments.

Where can I find out about news in Travelers Rest?
Travelers Rest has no official town newspaper, bu residents still have several options to stay "in the know." For print media we have the Greenville News (and its website www.greenvilleonline.com), the Times Examiner, and the weekly Greenville Journal. Area TV stations include WYFF (Greenville NBC), WSPA (Spartanburg CBS), WLOS (Asheville ABC), WHNS (Greenville FOX), and WNTV (Greenville ETV). Local talk radio, WORD 1330 AM, is another great resource for news and information.

What is the Swamp Rabbit Trail?
The Greenville Hospital System Swamp Rabbit Trail is an exciting project which links downtown Greenville with Travelers Rest, via a paved exercise trail which was built over an unused railroad line connecting the two cities.

I've heard about the Downtown Master Plan; what is it and what does it mean for Travelers Rest?
The concept of the Downtown Master Plan was not to remove or restrict all of the traffic on Main Street, but rather to create an attractive destination in Travelers Rest, to disperse traffic to existing road systems, and to create a safer, more pedestrian friendly downtown.

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