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What do I do first?
Remember to stay calm. This may be your first time being stopped, but it certainly isn't the officer's first time stopping a vehicle. Be prepared to answer the officer's questions and to produce your driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance when asked for them.

Where should I position my car?
Using your turn signal, pull your car over as far to the right of the roadway as you safely can. You should also turn off your ignition, roll down your window, and keep your hands visible.

Why do officers shine so many lights when they stop a vehicle?
Officers are trained to utilize lighting techniques to illuminate a vehicle for their safety and that of the occupants of the stopped vehicle, and it is not meant to be something that is annoying or a form of harassment.

I keep my registration in my glove box; would it help if I got it out as the officer was walking to my car?
You should keep your movements to a minimum until the officer is beside your window and instructing you on what to do. Your intentions may be innocent, but officers are trained to be alert for any movement in the vehicle, particularly towards a closed storage area like your glovebox.

I know it's legal for me to carry a pistol in my car, should I have it visible so the officer can see it right away?
You're right, it is totally legal in South Carolina to carry a pistol in your car, but it must be concealed within a compartment like your glove box, center console, or your trunk. Don't ever retrieve your pistol for an officer until instructed by him/her to do so. Instead, wait until the officer makes contact with you and politely let him/her know that you have a weapon in your car and where it is located.

It seems like the police only try and catch speeders? Shouldn't they be out catching "real" criminals?
In our community one of the top citizen complaints are aggressive drivers and speeders. It is our duty to ensure and protect all people that live or visit the city. Sadly, in South Carolina the number of traffic fatalities has risen. The greatest daily risk to the public is aggressive driving. More lives will be impacted from some of these senseless and totally avoidable incidents than any of the "classic" crimes such as robbery and murder. The department takes a holistic approach to ensuring safety for its residents and visitors and therefore we try to balance our enforcement efforts.

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